Sigma Phi Epsilon

austinrex16 I think the perfect representation of little things having big impacts is 12 men sitting down and deciding to create something bigger than themselves. To change the lives of men for the rest of history, in the pursuit of lofty ideals.
SigEp has changed my life. 

There’s the little things, like my day lighting up from seeing a brother on campus, or laughing together over an inside joke, or grabbing lunch together when you have nothing to do. Then there’s the big things, like being instilled with the values that I hold so dearly in my heart and try to abide my entire life by, being able to share exactly what’s wrong in your life and receiving comfort and even the echoes of agreement and shared experiences, and feeling connected through something unspoken with hundreds of thousands of men across the country. 

When asked why I joined my chapter, it’s difficult for me to put into words. It’s much easier to understand what fraternity means when you see a chapter volunteering, or when you see brothers embracing after a difficult conversation, or when you observe the ritual. The positive impacts on the community and the individual are what fraternity truly is, and why I’m damn glad to be a SigEp.
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