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The Office of Greek Life hosted the families of young men killed because of hazing at a presentation titled “Love, Mom...

Forum: Fraternities should be known for helping to build better men

When I was an undergraduate, I didn’t attend an institution that had fraternities and sororities. My first experience with Greek Life came during my second year as a...

Phi Tau breaks record for world’s longest tree hug

On Saturday, Oct. 8th, Rhys Pinder ’20 hugged a tree on Middle Path for eight hours and 15 minutes, breaking the Guinness world record for the “World’s...

Texas: Greeks clean the aftermath of USC

Forty-one pounds of waste were picked up around West Campus by a dozen volunteers Sunday following the Texas football victory over USC. The waste, split evenly between...

Alpha Phi Alpha Brothers Surprise Georgia State Student With a Car

Earlier this year, the Zeta Mu brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. made headlines as the first chapter to host a Wakanda-themed scholarship pageant inspired by...

At their core, fraternities are about brotherhood, personal development and providing a community of support.

Judson Horras

NIC President & CEO
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