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December 3, 2018 CAMBRIDGE, MASS.— Today, sororities, fraternities and students filed a pair of lawsuits challenging a Harvard sanctions policy that punishes students...

Diverse students find home in multicultural Greek organizations

Psychology senior and Lambda Sigma Gamma President Valentina Valenzuela said her first months at San Diego State were met with a lot of culture shock. Coming from...

How this Miami fraternity spends its Fridays might surprise you

HAMILTON — It’s a late Friday afternoon, and some Miami University fraternity members are looking for a party. They know just where to go. They hit up a place that...

Paint and positivity: How AEPi and Social Justice representatives respond to hate on campus

A group of fraternity brothers from Alpha Epsilon Pi discovered racist graffiti of a Nazi flag in the west free expression tunnel early Sunday morning, Koby Ellick,...

AGR Brothers Raise $16,000 for Disabled Farmers

Farming is a tough occupation both mentally and physically. Heavy lifting, repetitive motion, dangerous tasks, and long hours of physical labor take a toll on the farmer’s...

At their core, fraternities are about brotherhood, personal development and providing a community of support.

Judson Horras

NIC President & CEO
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