Sioux Falls, SD (KELO) — A fraternity at South Dakota State University is helping a 4-year-old with cancer. 

The Farmhouse Fraternity’s charity of choice is childhood leukemia.

“Every year we look for a child in the community that has cancer, specifically leukemia cancer. This year we found one in the Brookings community, he’s 4 years old this year and he has acute lymphoblastic leukemia cancer,” Farmhouse Fraternity member Anthony Anker said.

To raise money for the family, the fraternity is holding an auction and shaving event.

“Its totally baldacious because when its all said and done we’re gonna have a group of guys that are totally bald and supporting those people in need,” Farmhouse Fraternity member Jarid Bechen said.

Members have different ways of raising money.

“Every year we go and we take docks in and out of the local lake here, and we get a lot of people donate money towards that and we take that money and that goes towards the family. And then we also go to businesses in the community, and ask them to donate either gift baskets or monetary donations that will all go towards the family,” Anthony Anker said.

The men are happy to give back to the community, even if that means losing their hair. 

“This will be my first year shaving my head, graduation year, going to be wearing a cap and gown anyways so I’m ready to support a good cause,” Jarid Bechen said.

The event and auction is at the Student Union on SDSU’s campus on April 25 at 7 p.m.