Without a doubt, the University of Florida produces extremely successful and influential students. A lot of them even become household names. From professional athletes to politicians to Olympians to even the voice of Phineas in “Phineas and Ferb,” you can find UF alumni everywhere. UF, known for being a top-tier public institution, ranks seventh in the nation. The Swamp’s top-tier students also reflect that very status. Even with so many exceptional Gators, a select few managed to swim their way to the top of the food chain.

Student Government Chief Justice Kyle Soch

Just like our nation’s federal government, UF SG consists of three branches, one of them being the judicial branch. The SG Chief Justice, Kyle Soch, forms part of the university’s Supreme Court. Soch gets to keep his position until he graduates, allowing him and his decisions to remain as separate as possible from the political processes that occur on UF’s campus. His appointment doesn’t rely on the governing political party. As Chief Justice, Soch works with the rest of the judicial branch to check that SG doesn’t violate UF’s Constitution or the UF Student Body Statutes. Controversial SG decisions have been made in past years, from drastic changes in budget allocations to speakers brought on campus. Clearly, Soch’s position proves crucial in keeping order and legality within SG as changes arise.

Besides his judicial position, Soch also boasts an accomplished resume. He previously led as president of the Theta Chi Fraternity at UF, served as a UF Tallahassee Fellow in the Office of the Senate President and worked as a judicial intern for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Soch represents one of the many exemplary individuals operating within SG and influential students at UF. With his experience to support his SG position, this justice makes moves both inside and out of the Gator Nation.