Order of Omega


LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – Thirty members of the Alpha Chi Chapter of Order of Omega, a fraternity and sorority honor society at UW-La Crosse, picked up trash in the neighborhoods around campus.

They spent about 40 hours last week cleaning up the area.

“The UWL campus is immaculately kept up by university staff, but the neighborhoods surrounding campus that house many off-campus students are often littered with trash,” said Camryn Frye, the organization’s president and who helped plan the event. “The Order of Omega wanted to host an event that would make the nearby community neighborhoods as pristine as our campus.” 

The event was limited to no more than four people picking up trash in a given group with groups meeting for several hours throughout the day.

The city’s Recycling Office provided the students with safety vests, gloves, and the garbage bags.