RMC Sorority & Fraternity Life Awards 2024

Ava Kelley, Copy Editor / May 8, 2024

Pictured L-R: Ryan Brereton ’25, Adam Braithwaite ’25, Robert Berry ’27 Image via The Student Engagement Center

The 2023-2024 RMC Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL) Awards ceremony, hosted by Randolph-Macon College’s Student Engagement Center, took place on Sunday, May 5th, in Birdsong Hall. The event was open to all fraternity and sorority community members. This event provides an opportunity for them to celebrate the achievements of their organizations and fellow members.

The ceremony started at 5:00 pm and lasted until 6:00 pm. Members from each fraternity and sorority were encouraged to attend, fostering a sense of support within RMC’s Greek Life community.

Throughout the event, attendees had the chance to honor their personal organizations and applaud the accomplishments of their peers. Each award was presented by various members of the FSL community, such as the Inter-Fraternity Council President, Panhellenic Council President, and numerous chapter presidents as well. The awards recognized various achievements, such as academic excellence, excellence in Alumni Engagement, and overall contributions to campus life.

With that being said, here are the categories and the 2023-2024 winners!

  • Schick Fraternity Chapter Advisor Award: Jay Hilbish (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)
  • DuPriest Faculty Advisor Award: Edward Showalter (Sigma Phi Epsilon)
  • Excellence in Academic Achievement Most Improved Chapter GPA: Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Sigma Sigma Sigma
  • Excellence in Philanthropy: Theta Chi and Delta Zeta
  • Chapter of Excellence Awards: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Gamma Delta, and Delta Zeta
  • Godfrey Smith Award: Delta Zeta and Theta Chi
  • Outstanding New Member Award: Ava Kelley (Kappa Alpha Theta) and Robert Berry (Theta Chi)
  • Outstanding Greek Achievers Award Sarah Nelson (Delta Zeta) and Casey Long (Sigma Phi Epsilon)
  • Outstanding Chapter Presidents Award: Samantha Gentry (Kappa Alpha Theta) and Gabe Martin (Kappa Alpha Order)
  • Fraternity & Sorority Community Member of the Year Award: Miriam Moreno-Alcala (Delta Zeta) and Brooks Cowart (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)
  • Commitment to Fraternal Relevance Award: Jamie Kate Meurer (Alpha Gamma Delta & Alpha Phi Omega), Sydney Rankin (Delta Zeta), Nate DeLong (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), Ryan Brereton (Theta Chi), Maeve Toman (Alpha Gamma Delta), Katie Loiselle (Sigma Sigma Sigma & Alpha Phi Omega), Tara Richio (Sigma Sigma Sigma), Kate Linares (Alpha Phi Omega), and Alexander Buzzo (Kappa Alpha Order)

By hosting such an event, Randolph-Macon College aimed to highlight the positive impact of fraternity and sorority life on campus and to celebrate the dedication and achievements of its Greek organizations and members.

Congratulations to all who were nominated and to those who were granted awards!