Chapter assists advisor in storm prep

by Sarah Wild, North Carolina State University

Today, the fraternity members that I advise made me cry.

I currently reside in Raleigh, North Carolina, and work at NC State University as a Career Counselor. As you know, a Category 4 hurricane is about to slam into North Carolina — Raleigh being a direct hit, is expected to see the highest amounts of rain fall, potentially up to 30 inches between Friday and Monday.

I emailed the chapter this morning asking if any of them knew where I could find sandbags, as I’ve called every store, the DOT, police department and fire departments – I couldn’t find anything. Everywhere is sold out of supplies. I live alone, on a ground floor apartment, and water pools easily outside my unit. My family has already evacuated.

I was called on my lunch break and was told that three young men had showed up with sandbags for me, and they were being unloaded. Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity dropped off a full carload of sandbags for me. They will be coming back tonight to help me set everything up. There are no words for how grateful and thankful I am for them.

This is why I believe in fraternities. This is why I believe in sororities. This is why I advise. This is why I volunteer. Because of days like today.