Delta Sigma Phi

macprather If you had been able to foretell a part of my life … To tell me that I would have found people who have challenged me to mold the culture wherever I exist, who have pushed me to live in harmony with each one even in the midst of unforseen conflict and grating personalities, who have shown me that deep friendship can encompass love and emotional intimacy and candor … I would not have believed that force in my life could have been a fraternity.

In reflection, I realize I will always fall short of the love I have received from that group, the encouragement to discover and not forget who I can be, their confidence in who I am, the many hands I have held on to, and the shoulders I now stand up on. I will always fall short of that great price.

And before I get way too touchy feely I’m just grateful for the people who are like brothers to me. And when I say brother, I don’t mean, like, an actual brother. But I mean it like the way the people in #myfraternity use it. I think it’s more meaningful that way.

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