The San Diego State Interfraternity Council voted unanimously to end the self-imposed social moratorium and to impose a hard alcohol ban during a meeting on Oct. 4.

The hard alcohol ban forbids any beverage with over 15 percent alcohol content from being served at an IFC event unless distributed by a third party vendor that checks identification, according to article XIV of the IFC’s bylaws.

The hard alcohol ban was set in place to prevent people from getting intoxicated too much or too quickly, IFC President Jacob Mahoney said.

According to article XIV of the IFC’s bylaws, there are three tiers of violation in the hard alcohol ban. The first offense is a fine of $300, the second offense is a fine of $600 and the third offense in a semester requires the IFC to have a meeting to discuss the need for the involvement of National Chapter officials or University officials.

“It was really great to see that it was a unanimous vote to ban hard alcohol because that shows that the community has our back,” Mahoney said.

Mahoney said he was surprised both the lift of the social moratorium ban and the hard alcohol ban was voted unanimously in favor of.