AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) — Nine chapters of Kappa Alpha Order participated in the initiative with the nonprofit Independence Fund to raise and donate money to a veteran in need of a new wheelchair. The Nu Chapter of Kappa Alpha was the first to meet their goal of $16,000.

“It’s been awesome just to see the joy on his face when he got the chair was just something that was so special and I know that everybody here will remember,” said Andrew Bell, president of Nu Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order.

The fraternity presented their earnings to Sfc. Karlton Berry. Berry says he was injured in April of 2017 during training in Virginia. He says he fell about 40 ft, crushing one of his vertebrae, partially severing his spinal cord and breaking two of his ribs. Berry says thanks to his family never gave up.

“My family and people that are around that really care and stuff gave me that motivation to say hey this isn’t the end of life and you can do a lot more than you think you can even though you’re injured,” Berry said.

Berry will meet with the Independence Fund next week to discuss how he would like to customize his wheelchair and what features he will like to include. 

“I plan on probably outfitting with some hunting gear like a rifle mount hopefully there’s a camo net that can go over and stuff for hunting so maybe that and whatever else that kinds of looks unique and stuff that will definitely help me out,”Berry said.

Independence Fund says out of all of the chapters involved this was the first chair presentation of the year. The nonprofit and Nu Chapter of Kappa Alpha say it is truly an honor to serve veteran Berry.