GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – UF’s Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity held its Surf Frenzy dance competition fundraiser Tuesday night at the Eight Seconds bar in downtown Gainesville.

The event raises money for the Florida Diabetes Camp.

“I actually have Type 1 Diabetes, so it’s a pretty cool cause,” said Sigma Phi Epsilon member Graham Boone. “When you first get it, it’s really hard, one, for you, but for your parents also because they’re often the ones taking care of you, so this is an opportunity for them and their families to come and learn from medical professionals, but more-so have fun with it and understand that it’s not supposed to set their life back, but they’re there to learn how to move forward with their life and make it basically a routine because once it becomes a routine, it’s not that hard, and you realize you’re just another normal kid.”

Last year, the Surf Frenzy event raised about $4,000 for the Florida Diabetes Camp, and this year, organizers hope to hit $5,000.