UCLA freshman reads consent letter to party-goers

    CBS 2 (KCAL)

    WESTWOOD (CBSLA) — Fraternities have a reputation for having wild parties, but the young men at Delta Sigma Phi are trying to change the culture.

    The UCLA fraternity is taking steps towards making sure their parties are safe.

    UCLA freshman Justin Sanchez was seen on video Thursday night reading a consent letter to party guests at the frat house.

    “Consent is absolutely critical for everyone involved, I know you guys know this,” Sanchez read in the video.

    The video has since been shared on a variety of social media platforms.

    “Honestly it was just to spread the importance of consent,” Sanchez told CBSLA’s Amy Johnson. “That’s what it has always been…Its really just to spread the message that consent is important to us.”

    The Delta Sigma Phi tradition started last year and hasn’t been missed at any of the three parties they have held this year.

    The frat house is required to hang a consent poster, but the Delta Sig brothers wanted to take it a step further.

    “To make it a more safe environment and more comfortable environment for all guests we have,” said Chapter President Brett Stephenson. “We’re not going to be able to change it all overnight, we’re not going to be able to change it all single-handedly, but for us, the big thing is wanting to make a difference.”

    The frat’s parties are known around campus to draw hundreds of people.

    The men at Delta Sigma Phi say they hope that the men at more fraternities and more campuses will also share a consent letter.