Beta Theta Pi

beta_gmu: Happy New Year from Brother Troy, who is currently studying abroad in Botswana! Here’s a brief synopsis on what he’s doing: “I’m studying abroad in Botswana with a group of students that came to learn about the community health solutions to address HIV/AIDS crisis, through prevention and treatment. Botswana has been successful in the past decade in reducing the number of rate of infection, especially mother-to-child infections, so there is a lot to learn from what they are doing well. In this picture I met with and talked to some elders in a cultural village. We discussed some of the ways they are keeping their traditional values alive, and what their thoughts are on the future of their communities and how they will persevere.” We hope everyone is having an amazing break and can’t wait to have everyone back again in the spring! Stay tuned for what’s next with all things Beta! #GOBETA.