Fraternity donates $17,000 to feed kids

By Dakota Moyer,; image provided by Delta Kappa Epsilon

The Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity at UNC donated $17,600 in membership dues to help feed local children in Orange County who depend on school lunches.

“Many children living in Chapel Hill and Carrboro rely on the breakfast and lunch provided by their public schools,” said Vance Brice, president of the UNC Delta Kappa Epsilon Beta Chapter, in a release. “As schools in the area have closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, local communities have struggled to provide these kids with meals and nutrition. This donation represents something we can do to help other members of our community who are affected by this unprecedented crisis.”

The $17,600 will go to TABLE, a nonprofit dedicated to feeding children who normally depend on breakfast and lunch offered at school for meals. The money had previously been allocated for spring meals for the fraternity. Rather than allocate refunds or issue credit for the upcoming fall semester, Delta Kappa Epsilon’s members and their parents agreed to donate those funds to TABLE.

“TABLE is so grateful to DKE for their contribution to help us feed Orange County kids,” said TABLE executive director Ashton Tippins. “As a result of DKE’s donation, we will be able to provide 8,800 meals and snacks to the roughly 600 hundred children we serve weekly.”