FSU chapter gives away masks in community

By Brandon Spencer, WCTV

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – While masks may be the new normal, some people still don’t have readily available access to them.

One Tallahassee organization wanted to do their part to ensure the safety of those in the community by giving out masks to different groups who may need them.

“We’re just out in the community passing out masks so that everyone in Tallahassee can stay safe,” explained Mu Epsilon Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity President Jackson Destine.

Florida State’s Mu Epsilon chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity took to the streets Sunday to hand out boxes of masks to those who don’t have access to clean masks.

“It’s kind of hard to find masks. The stores that are selling them have kind of upped their prices, so we decided we’re going to get some masks and we’re going to go ahead and give them out to the people that can’t get them,” explained Mu Epsilon Vice President Jordan Chung.

The group made their way to several places to give out masks, including the Kearney Center and the Big Bend Homeless Coalition. They say they were taken aback by the response they received.

“It was very special for me seeing all of those reactions, it was unexpected,” said Destine. “We thought we were going to give them the boxes and be on our way but they were sharing how there are many people that need these masks.”

Chung says that he hopes their efforts can help save a life.

“A lot of people don’t have like such things that we take for granted,” explained Chung. “So if me doing something as small as giving them a mask, keeping them safe, saving a life, that’s a blessing for me. That’s beautiful.”

This is a sentiment the organization says they live form and they say they want to continue to be active in their community.

“We’ve always been about service and being actively involved in our community, not just our community in Tallahassee, but our community as brothers individually,” said Destine.

The group says they’re hoping others will follow suit.

The group handed out boxes to four locations Sunday, including at FSU. Each box contained more than 500 masks.