Elon’s virtual IFC recruitment

By Claire Schoenfeld, Elon News Network

For Vice President of IFC Recruitment and member of Delta Upsilon Fraternity Matt Ferring, spring recruitment for chapters of Elon University’s Interfraternity Council is something to look forward to.

“I know that it might not be what a lot of people initially thought about when rushing a fraternity. However, I went through the same process last semester and found a brotherhood I am really grateful for,” Ferring said. 

After many weeks of planning, IFC will be holding spring recruitment virtually from March 8 to March 14. All events will be held on Zoom to ensure physical distancing practices are followed and so men who are in quarantine or living off campus can participate. 

During recruitment, each potential new member will be connected to a recruitment mentor. A recruitment mentor is someone who already is a member of a fraternity but disassociates from their chapter so they can help guide the PNMs through the recruitment process and can answer questions a PNM may have.  

“I did not know a lot about greek life, so [the recruitment mentor] sort of gave me an insight into what he looked for when rushing a fraternity and looking back what aspects and qualities of greek life he appreciates the most,” Ferring said. “That sort of helped me to put into perspective what I learned about the different chapters during recruitment week.” 

The schedule includes a virtual orientation on March 8 which is required for all PNMs. During the orientation, PNMs learn about each fraternity and the rules and requirements of IFC life at Elon. 

On March 9 and 10, PNMs have the opportunity to drop into “open house” style Zoom rooms where they can meet members and ask questions about philanthropy, values and why members joined their chapter. 

“Brotherhood Days” will be hosted on March 11 and 12 and are an opportunity for PNMs to showcase who they are and for the chapters to ask questions directly to the PNMs. March 13 is “Voting Day,” and it is meant for chapter members to determine who will receive official bids or invitations for membership to a fraternity. 

March 14 is “Bid Day” where PNMs will find out whether or not they received a bid. More information on how PNMs will receive a bid will be communicated to them during orientation.

Assistant Director of Student Involvement for Fraternity and Sorority Community Development Robbie Miller expects normal recruitment numbers despite it being held virtually.  

“We are actually on par with where our numbers were last spring, so that is exciting,” Miller said.

Ferring said that the chapters are in high spirits and are looking forward to meeting PNMs. 

“The IFC works together closely with school and all chapter presidents to ensure a nice recruitment week,” Ferring said. “It is definitely something to look forward to and nothing to be worried about.”