CBS Sunday Morning spotlights Anti-Hazing Coalition

Via CBS Sunday Morning

Correspondent Lee Cowan of CBS Sunday Morning talks with anti-hazing advocates, and with representatives of the Greek community, who have joined forces in an effort to reform a long-accepted practice.

For Rae Ann Gruver and Evelyn Piazza, Mother’s Day has never been the same since 2017. Because that’s the year they lost their sons, Timothy Piazza and Max Gruver. Both were away at college – Timothy at Penn State, Max at Louisiana State. Both had pledged fraternities, and both were hazed.  

“When you’re talking about hazing, it just should not be sugarcoated or lightly talked about,” Rae Ann told CBS Sunday Morning in a recent cover story. “We’ll say these stories as many times as we have to, if it’s changing the culture.”

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