Auburn Sigma Nu Chapter honors 13 U.S. armed forces personnel killed

via Sigma Nu

Auburn Sigma Nu

The Sigma Nu Chapter at Auburn was determined to honor the 13 U.S. armed forces personnel killed recently [August 2021] in Afghanistan via the creation and posting of a memorial banner in front of their chapter home. The memorial gained a lot of attention in the Auburn area.

“All U.S. service members give up something when they choose to serve our country. Whether that be giving up time with loved ones, important life moments, or anything in between. However, these 13 men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice: their lives. Honoring these fallen with a tribute was a way for our chapter to thank these brave individuals. We were happy that our community supported us in this endeavor by reaching out and sending words of encouragement.” – Harrison Rudd, Sigma Nu Beta Theta Chapter President