BELMONT — Forty members of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity from North Carolina universities came to Belmont in March to build, clean and renovate structures at Camp Hope, a recreational facility for Holy Angels.

The weekend of work was this year’s first Ability Camp, a national service project of the Ability Experience, a philanthropic group that has raised more than $15 million to help people with disabilities and the organizations that serve them.

Camp Hope benefited from the work, but so did the 40 fraternity brothers who had a hands-on experience of servant leadership.

One of them was Robert Lance, a sophomore at High Point University, who said, “The work really meant something this weekend – not just for the residents at Holy Angels but for all of us.”

Holy Angels, founded in 1955 by the Sisters of Mercy, provides residential services and programs for children and adults with intellectual developmental disabilities and delicate medical conditions.