Alpha Chi Rho fraternity holds annual deep freeze

Feb 10 / Written By Hannah Myers

During the week of Jan. 30, the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity, also known as Crows, hosted their annual Deep Freeze fundraiser event. This is an annual event that takes place every year at the beginning of the spring semester around Jan. or Feb. This year, the organization for which the fraternity was raising money was Foster Care to Success. 

According to Foster Care to Success, this is an organization that helps provide financial assistance to foster children going to college: “We help by providing tuition grants as well as book money, living stipends and emergency funding for the unexpected expenses that could derail the most dedicated student on a tight budget.”

Each year, the fraternity selects an organization for which they will be raising donations. In previous years they had chosen organizations like the American Cancer Society and Geneseo’s Relay for Life. 

During the week the event is being held, the brothers of the fraternity stand outside of the Integrative Science Center (ISC) to get donations throughout the day and pitch a tent to stay in overnight. This event has been occurring at Geneseo since 2001, choosing different organizations each year to raise money for. Because this event takes place in mid-winter, the brothers must often brave many different elements.  

According to the National Weather Service in 2022, the mean temperature for the month of February, recorded in the town of Mount Morris, was 27.0 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperatures averaging the previous years are around 25.7 degrees Fahrenheit during the month of February. Temperatures regularly reach these the twenties, and even lower, while the fundraiser is being held.