Airband Themes Announced Across Greek Life

By Samantha Dutch | April 11, 2023

Sororities and fraternities painted signs of their upcoming Airband themes.

If you are on campus this week, chances are you are seeing an abundance and variety of events going on with Greek life. Over the past five days, RMU fraternities and sororities have been celebrating Greek Week, where they participate in many different competitions and at the end of the week, an overall sorority and fraternity winner are crowned. The week will conclude on Friday with the organization’s largest and most anticipated event, Airband.

Each fraternity and sorority has their own theme where they wear costumes and dance along to songs relating to it. Last year, fraternity Phi Mu Delta won Airband with their “The Hand You’re Dealt” theme with playing cards, along with sorority Zeta Tau Alpha with their “Zetaverse” outer space theme.

This year, all organizations are ready to compete again with their themes being announced yesterday on their social media, along with each organization creating a sign displayed at the firepit this afternoon. It is time to dive in and see what to expect this year.


Phi Mu Delta – Phobias

What are you afraid of? For other fraternities, their fears include PMD getting another win this year with their theme, Phobias. They will incorporate darkness, spiders, heights and snakes, ready to spook their audience. I do not think I have seen anything like this before at Airband and I am very intrigued and not at all scared to see how they pull it off.


Delta Tau Delta – The Last Airbander

Long ago, the fraternities lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when Airband was approaching on Friday! Turning the television from Disney to Nickelodeon, the fraternity will draw from Avatar: The Last Airbender as they take the audience on a journey of the four elements: earth, water, fire and air, as they hope to rule the nation of Greek Life.

Phi Delta Theta – Astronauts vs Aliens

Hoping to be the stars of the show, this theme will take us out of the sea and up to outer space as the fraternity aims to put on an out-of-this-world performance. I have a feeling astronauts and aliens would dance in a very unique and fun way, so I am very excited to see them takeoff.


Sigma Tau Gamma – The Phases of Miley Cyrus

Life is all about getting the best of both worlds, but in the case of this fraternity, they are hoping to give the audience the best of all the worlds of pop and childhood icon, Miley Cyrus. Aiming to come in like a wrecking ball and entertain the crowd with some throwback hits, they are hoping to disprove Hannah Montana’s notion that “nobody’s perfect”.

Kappa Delta Rho – High School Musical

This fraternity will have to get their heads in the game and be all in this together as they come to the stage representing an iconic film from our Disney Channel childhood. I am hoping to see some Wildcats jerseys and basketball choreography on stage and pay a great tribute to an iconic classic.

Alpha Chi Rho – Cereal Land: Battle for Breakfast

Whether you start with the milk or the cereal, the fraternity is ready to cook up some greatness in their unique theme of a cereal land battle. Perhaps they will represent some famous cereal mascots as they aim to put on a performance that is grrreat!

The fraternities and sororities will bring their creativity, costumes, music and dancing to the UPMC Events Center this Friday at 7:00 p.m. to conclude this year’s Greek Week.