Colonels make memories at Greek Week

Hannah Domangue, Staff Writer • April 8, 2024

This year’s Greek Week was held March 18-22 and it was quite the success.

According to many students involved with Greek Life, it was an absolute blast, and memories were made that will last a lifetime.

Starting off on Monday, there were outdoor games at the Rec, including tire toss, tug-of-war, and cornhole. There was also a Suicide Prevention Speech that the frats and sororities were able to attend. 

Tuesday, there was a dodgeball tournament and there was also Greek Feud. Greek Feud is when the Greeks get to make teams and play a fun game of Family Feud.

Wednesday was a very busy day, with lots of different opportunities. Starting that morning, there was a career fair going on in the union, which was quite the success. Then there were Pirogue Races that brought many people together to watch the competition unfold. 

Thursday, there was a Greek Theater, where everyone was able to go and enjoy a play. 

There were many other opportunities for chapters and their members to win more awards this week. One main one was the title of Greek God and Goddess. Our Greek God and Goddess of this year are Grant Rebstock and Katie Louviere. 

One of the many competitions during Greek Week is Penny Wars. There was also a Bayou Clean up put on for the Greeks to participate in. The winners were Gamma Phi Beta and Tau Kappa Epsilon. 

Then, the whirlwind of events ended with a bang with Songfest. Songfest was an absolute success and every fraternity and sorority that participated did excellent! The winner of Songfest for the fraternities was Sigma Alpha Epsilon, with their performance of Stranger Things.

Lastly, each fraternity and sorority have their own philanthropies that they raise money for throughout the year. With $20,000, SAE won the award for the fraternities. And with $22,634, Phi Mu won for the sororities.