Fraternities, sororities bring the heat in sizzling UNL Stroll-Off Showcase

Paloma Sanchez-McGee April 16, 2024

Six sororities and fraternities from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln celebrated multicultural Greek life on April 13 with their Stroll-Off competition. The competition showcased organizations engaging in stepping and strolling to determine which group reigned supreme.

The night was filled with laughter, high energy and support from every participant that was in attendance. With organizations from the National Pan-Hellenic Council and the National Multicultural Greek Council, the six sororities and fraternities competed for the NPHC X MGC trophy and the “Fan Favorite” trophy.

The six organizations were rated on a scale out of 100. Each organization’s performance was choreographed by participants within the sorority or fraternity. 

Sigma Psi Zeta had a basketball “High School Musical” theme, using their theatrical and athletic talents to shock the crowd with their routine.

Lambda Phi Epsilon followed with another basketball routine. To accompany the routine, the fraternity cracked some jokes, and the power of Drake’s music had the crowd laughing and cheering. 

Kappa Alpha Psi came out the gates swinging with their own baseball routine. The baseball routine consisted of using their canes, which symbolize true gentlemen, and baseball jerseys that collectively counted out 1911, the year Kappa Alpha Psi was founded. Suave and energetic, the Nupes left the crowd stunned with their stroll. 

After an intermission, Delta Phi Lambda returned to the event with a boxing-turned-sisterhood routine. The performance demonstrated the power in working together rather than competing with one another. The crowd was left with joy, comfort and a new lesson in friendship.