Arizona Board Regent Treasurer Lyndell Manson addresses Sigma Nu fraternity in inspiring event

April 15, 2024

When many people think about a fraternity, they think of the prolific social events that stereotypically go hand in hand with Greek life. When the students of Sigma Nu reflect on what a fraternity means to them, they think of community, leadership and development. 

Sigma Nu’s foundation is “a proud and colorful one. Founded by three cadets at the Virginia Military Institute in a period of division in America, known as the reconstruction era, Sigma Nu represented a radical departure from the times. Going against the turmoil, North America’s first ‘Honor’ fraternity, Sigma Nu, was established. Arizona State University Sigma Nu was founded in 1955.” 

“Sigma Nu remains focused on ethical leadership. It is paramount that as student leaders, we not only actively engage in the communities within ASU, but to also inspire the same in others,” Ralph Ortiz, Sigma Nu involvement chair and Sun Devil studying astrophysics at The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, said.

In their active engagement, Arizona State University’s chapter of Sigma Nu has grown to the largest fraternity on Campus, the “top Sigma Nu Nationally” and has amassed an impressive collection of achievements such as; Arizona State University Fraternity of the year (2020-2021), (2021-2022), (2022-2023); Arizona State University Student Body President (2021-2022), (2022-2023) and more than a million in funds donated to their partnered philanthropy, Childhelp.

“Sigma Nus do everything to the fullest, if you are going to do a job and don’t intend on giving it your all, then you shouldn’t do it,” Scott Wiegold, Sigma Nu chaplain / junior active educator and ASU undergraduate student studying supply chain management at W.P. Carey School of Business, said.

Beyond tangible achievements, the members of Sigma Nu seek to develop their personal qualities and professional skills through inspiring events and conferences such as that lead by the Arizona Board of Regents Treasurer, Lyndel Manson.