Frat brothers swap partying for philanthropy

by WRGB staffSat, April 13th

Capital Region — In a departure from the typical weekend events, several RPI fraternities swapped partying for philanthropy.

Students from various fraternities rolled up their sleeves at Patroon Land Farm in Voorheesville to plant seeds and nurture seedlings, all in the name of giving back.

For these students, the day’s activities marked more than just a break from the academic rigors—they served as an early lesson in the importance of selflessly serving others.

Mark Zbarsky, RPI Student, said he was looking for a way to give back with tangible results.

So, I was interested in doing something that I felt that would actually give us a positive something that we would enjoy and also something that we listed the positive like feeling that we actually contribute to the community.

Patroon Land Farm is part of the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York and credits its volunteer program for keeping it viable in the community.