Sixto Arias Named Order of Omega’s Outstanding Advisors

May 14, 2024

At the recent Northeast Greek Leadership Association Conference, Sixto Arias, the inaugural director of Sorority and Fraternity Life for Stony Brook University, was recognized as one of Order of Omega’s Outstanding Advisors. This award is one of prestige, as it recognizes those who demonstrate a commitment to upholding the mission, values and principles of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the institutions they serve. 

While “Greek life” can be misrepresented and misunderstood, Stony Brook University fraternities and sororities have leadership, networking, community service, charity events and provide an additional network of support for those Seawolves leaving the university. 

On the heels of his recognition, Arias shared some of his goals for this newly created position, how he feels to have been given this honor, and how Fraternity and Sorority Life makes a difference to the Stony Brook University community.  

Stony Brook News: How does it feel to be recognized by the Order of Omega? 

Sixto Arias: Being recognized by the Order of Omega is an honor. The Outstanding Advisor Award was established in 2014 to acknowledge the dedication and leadership of the professional staff who work closely with the individual chapters, fraternity and sorority community, and Order of Omega International. 

As an advisor, my work is simple: To uphold the standards of Order of Omega and highlight the amazing work that our fraternal leaders are achieving at Stony Brook University. My work with Order of Omega started when I was initiated as a member of our very own Chi Kappa Chapter at Stony Brook and since then I’ve had the fortune of serving as the advisor to two chapters in my role as an advisor to fraternities and sororities. 

What I am most proud of in this work and why this recognition is so touching is that for those two chapters, I was pivotal in the reactivation of these chapters. One was a chapter that was reactivated after COVID and the other is the Chi Kappa chapter, which was dormant for five years and by the end of this semester will have 27 new members initiated into its ranks.