Sigma Chi

jd88x89 If you were to ask me, I’m sure I would say “That I absolutely love #myfraternity ”. Sigma Chi is, and always will be the premier leadership development organization among collegial men. In my 4 years of being part of the wonderful organization, I have grown so much as an individual and as a man. I have learned to see in different perspectives and shared different experiences with others. I have met people that I have grown close with for our differences and these people who push me to be the best I can on a regular basis. The values, the meanings, and the weight of the organization is so unfathomable to the un-trained eye. Furthermore, funding an amazing organization of the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, and alone, Sigma Chi raised more than $7.82 million has made me even more proud to be part of this organization. In conclusion, Greek life is much much more than what the media portrays. @sigmachi @sigmachirit