Fists flew in a sweaty showdown at the 28th annual Sigma Chi Fight Night held at Texas Live! on Friday.

Finance senior Esteban Ruiz, member of Sigma Chi and the Fight Night planning committee, said the fraternity hosted the event to raise funds for the Huntsman Cancer Institute, a national cancer hospital and research center.

Ruiz said he was glad Sigma Chi was able to host the event this year and continue the tradition because it has been three years since the last Sigma Chi fight night.

Alejandro Santana, criminal justice senior and Sigma Chi member educator, was named the Sigma Chi Fight Night champion.

Santana said he trained every day for about a month and a half to get his body to where it needed to be physically, dropping from 185 to 165 pounds.

He said the crowd helped hype him up.

“Overall, it’s for charity,” Santana said. “I just love doing it. I just love to give back.”

Twenty students faced off in a total of ten one-on-one matches. Ruiz said the competitors came from UTA as well as other universities like Texas State and Texas Wesleyan.