Phi Mu Delta most impactful aspect of student’s life

Via Ohio Northern

Pharmacy major Avery Meadows’ college experience at Ohio Northern University never would’ve been complete without his involvement in Greek life through Phi Mu Delta fraternity. Next to his studies, being part of a brotherhood has been the most impactful aspect of his college life.

Ohio Northern’s small-town feel and 0-6 direct entry pharmacy program made ONU the best fit for him academically, and he knew he wanted to get involved in student organizations and get to know everyone on campus. With more than 200 student organizations, ONU offered promise in this respect as well.

Avery joined Phi Mu Delta (PMD) his very first semester on campus, and he’s been a member ever since.

“I’ve met all my closest friends because of the fraternity,” he says. “It’s provided so many opportunities for me to grow as a person academically, professionally, personally, etc.”

Avery has held several positions in PMD and also in Student Senate, including executive board positions. Through this, he’s gained experience with time management, public speaking, people skills, leadership, connecting with people in different ways and leading by example – all skills that have furthered his professional development.

Avery’s favorite college memory to date was when he represented ONU’s PMD chapter at Sapphire Leadership Institute hosted by the national fraternity at a YMCA camp in New Jersey.

“Me and four brothers drove together, which was an adventure in and of itself, and then we stayed for a week at this camp before it even opened for the year,” he recalls. “We didn’t have any electricity except for in the main building, freezing cold showers each morning, and hanging out with brothers from across the country. We got to learn how to be leaders, and another brother and I got to give our chapter’s presentation for National Chapter of the Year. It was an amazing experience that I always think back to as one of the favorite things I’ve done in my time at ONU.”

It’s memories like this that have made Avery’s time at ONU about more than just earning a degree. From fun social events to professional development to service opportunities, his ONU experience has been everything he hoped for and more.