New IFC executive team takes office

By Trent Gibbs, The O'Colly (Oklahoma State University); photo via Instagram @okstateifc

Congratulations to the outgoing 2019-2020 executive board (pictured February 2020)

A new generation of leaders is setting a positive example for young men on Oklahoma State University campus.

The OSU Interfraternity Council elected their 2020-2021 executive council members during their weekly business meeting last Thursday. The new president is Kase Anderson of Sigma Phi Epsilon. The new internal vice president is Joel Kocher of Phi Delta Theta. The new external vice president is Bryce Slagell of Alpha Gamma Rho.

Caileb Booze, the 2019-2020 IFC president, is excited for IFC to continue to set a positive example for OSU students.

“The goal of IFC fraternities is to develop men into positively contributing members of society,” Booze said. “Every phase of fraternity is helping members continue teaching, molding, growing and practically working out what it means to contribute positively. The IFC executive team makes it possible for those fraternity members to go out and crush it.”

Booze emphasized the philanthropy and academic pillars of IFC, which consist of community service and fundraising events as well as increased 

“Every semester, each of our chapters organizes a local and national philanthropy collecting money, food and support for different charities,” Booze said. “Academically, the Greek and specifically the overall IFC GPA is significantly higher than the overall OSU men’s GPA. We are giving back to the university as a whole by buffing that metric. Academics are one of the things we value and hold in very high esteem.”

Kase Anderson, IFC president-elect, said he chose to pursue his current office because of his love for and belief in the Greek community.

“I am so thankful for all the incredible friendships I’ve made, all of the wonderful memories I have created, and the exponential growth I’ve experienced as a man and as a leader,” Anderson said. “I am thankful enough for my experience that I want to give back and support my community so that current and future members of IFC get the same growth and  meaningful experience that I did.”

The full list of 2020-2021 IFC executive officers and their chapter affiliations is as follows:

President – Kase Anderson, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Internal Vice President – Joel Kocher, Phi Delta Theta; External Vice President – Bryce Slagell, Alpha Gamma Rho; Vice President of Education – Michael Douglas: Sigma Chi; Vice President of Finance and Communication – Matthew Linehan, Sigma Nu; Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Outreach – Corbin Patovisti, Sigma Chi; and Director of Recruitment-Cameron Kahoe: Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Anderson said that Greek students can continue to expect strong servant leadership.

“The 2021 IFC Executive team is going to work tirelessly to protect the Greek community amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with hopeful hearts that we will be able to facilitate the transition back to normalcy later in Spring 2021.”