Riding in to help nonprofit ranch

Via Chi Psi

With COVID-19 continuing to interrupt how we go about normal, everyday life, Chi Psi Alphas are finding ways to safely lend their help to philanthropic causes. The latest Alpha to jump into the fold is Alpha Xi Delta at Texas Tech University!

Zack Greer, a PNM of Xi Delta, heard about Generations Church and their partnership with the Texas Boys Ranch through his roommate. He found out that they needed volunteers for a few events, and spread the word to the rest of the PNMs and Brothers of Xi Delta.

“We’ll do anything for philanthropy,” says Greer. “We had a great time helping them out.”

The men did everything for the Texas Boys Ranch, from helping pick burrs out of horse tails, picking up trash around the fields, cleaning the gym, and setting up the education center for the event later in the evening.

“There were lots of families there,” says Greer. “We played games with the kids and did some trunk-or-treating. It was really awesome.”

Greer says that most of the group was made up of PNMs, as they wanted to do an event together. But some Brothers, including Xi Delta’s current #1, came out to join them. Not only was this an excellent service project for the PNM’s and Brothers, but it allowed them invaluable time to grow closer as a group.

“It was a good time to come together and get to know each other a little bit better,” says Greer. “It sounds like everyone had a great time, and the pastor of Generations Church told me that it was really helpful.”

The men of Xi Delta also consider this a great way to get their foot in the door to a worthy philanthropy in Lubbock. Greer thinks they’ll definitely volunteer with Texas Boys Ranch and Generations Church again in the future. The pastor even said he was going to take all the volunteers out to dinner as a “thank you” for their hard work.

“Everyone really enjoyed playing with the kids and watching them have the time of their lives,” says Greer. “It was really cool to just help out and see people be happy with our work.”

With COVID-19 in the picture, Greer says they just had to be sure to make masks and be safe. The Alpha as a whole has been really cautious about staying safe for obvious reasons, but also so that they can continue having fun and doing events like this when the pandemic restrictions get lifted.

“Fraternity life is a little bit new to me as a PNM,” says Greer. “But this was pretty easy to set up, even with COVID-19. We can’t do a ton of Brotherhood events because of the pandemic, because we want to be safe and not get anyone in trouble. But this was a great alternative!”

The Texas Boys Ranch is a working ranch of over 400 acres which houses homeless, dependent, and abused or neglected children in small-group homes with house parents acting as caretakers. They offer counseling services, equine assisted psychotherapy, educational support and tutoring, and recreational activities.