Divine 9 Impact Day of Service

DONNA L. HOLMAN T&D Correspondent | Feb 12, 2022

Members from eight area fraternities and sororities donated hundreds of items in a highly successful drive-through event that consisted of a steady stream of traffic at the Charleston Highway venue, spanning several hours on Jan. 22. Each organization's members were given specific times to submit their donations of food, blankets, and toiletries to the Tiffany Grant Foudantion. DONNA L. HOLMAN T&D Correspondent

On Saturday, Jan. 22, as temperatures barely climbed above freezing, members from local fraternities and sororities participated in a drive-through event at a venue on Charleston Highway to donate non-perishable food items, socks, toiletries and other hygiene items to impact the work of the Tiffany Grant Foundation (TGF), a non-profit dedicated to serving the under-resourced in The T&D Region.

The Divine 9 Day of Service that had been scheduled to take place on Martin Luther King Jr. Day the previous Monday was changed due to frigid weather and unusually high winds. Saturday’s forecast brought lots of sunshine, and although temperatures hovered in the low to mid-30s, the spirit of giving abounded in a very successful turnout.

“This is just a blessing to be able to fulfill the needs of the youth in our community”, said Latisha Walker, founder and CEO of TGF.

“These donations will impact the lives of our youth, our students and also our community members that are in need. Additionally, we will make donations and contributions to the homeless population in the area,” said Walker.

“Originally, the foundation was set up to award scholarships to nursing students,” she said offering the background of the charity which began three years ago in February to honor the life of her youngest sister, a nurse who passed away on Valentine’s Day in 2019 after being diagnosed with the flu.

“Upon my retirement from law enforcement, I wanted to expand and be able to make a bigger charitable impact to our community. We began to form our pantry and to provide workshops for youth and emergency funding,” said Walker.

“I appreciate the Deltas for reaching out and giving us this amazing opportunity,” she said.