UW-W frats play basketball for charity

Parker Rezner, Journalist | April 10, 2022

Photo by Felicity Knabenbauer | Phi Delta, Sigma Tau, and Phi Chi Epsilon all joined together in this basketball tournament.

Three University of Wisconsin-Whitewater fraternities decided to hold a basketball tournament for a good cause Saturday, April 9 inside the Willaims Center. The tournament is the first of its kind here on campus, and the idea was spawned from an earlier intramural basketball game between Sigma Tau Gamma and Phi Delta Theta. It was a competitive game, and the teams mutually realized they could take that competitiveness a step further. 

Despite the willingness on both sides, there was still a lot to be done to set up that tournament-like competition for several frats to compete in.

“It was a battle setting this thing up…I think the hardest thing was trying to get sponsors and all of the teams involved. We already knew we wanted to do it together, but getting the space and sponsors was pretty tough, and we just didn’t have enough time to really get it out to the public. So I don’t think it’s the outcome we wanted, but we just learned more for next year,” said Sigma Tau Gamma member Collin Voyer.