Off The Yard: Shining Light On Black Sororities & Fraternities

Keytron Hill / May 4, 2022

Why was it important for you to join a fraternity, specifically Kappa Alpha Psi? 

Tyler (Kappa): “Because of my father. My father is a 1977 Fall pledgee of the Alpha Xi chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi at Florida A&M University. Growing up we would go to homecoming games, my brother and I– we were just emerged in the experience of what an HBCU is, especially during homecoming season. I remember as a kid watching him and being so excited because I got to see him in a way I hadn’t seen him before. He’s a stern, strict person, but I got to see his caring side and fun side.” 

How has your fraternity shaped the HBCU experience?

Tevin King (Iota): “Being the most recent fraternity within the D9, I think we have shaped the HBCU experience as a whole and in a more advanced way than many other fraternities and sororities being that we are a non-traditional fraternity. Meaning we were made of 12 men who were all non traditional college students at the time, all between the ages of 23 and 30. Some had families and some were already 3 – 4 years in the military. It allowed students to look at us and see something different and expand their creativity.”

How does the Omega’s mission and values align with who you are as a person and professional?

Kyle (Omega): “Our cardinal principles are manhood, scholarship, perseverance and uplift. Teaching me the right tools to walk into every room as a man. Being confident in myself . 2, scholarship. Making sure that even though I’m having fun and enjoying life, education is also important. I was able to graduate in 4 years by knowing how to balance my school life and my academics. Perseverance, persevering through anything. You gotta see things through. Also uplift. My platform is always lifting as I climb. I would be doing myself a disservice if I’m not trying to lift up the next man.”

What was your experience like attending an HBCU? 

Dee Holt (Alpha): “My HBCU experience was literally everything.  I was in SGA, I crossed (Alpha), I was super active on campus. When it comes to an HBCU, you can’t beat it. It’s a vibe like no other. You gain friendships that last forever. It’s a big, fun, party with a bunch of educated people enjoying themselves.”

Why is sisterhood/ brotherhood important?

Dennis Jackson (Sigma): “Brotherhood is very important to me. Just having someone to lean on at a time when things get tough or you just need that brotherly love or that understanding of someone just being by your side. Being on a line of six, having those different individuals that I met and didn’t know at all at first but as we went through our process we got very close. That was very important to me.”