Hispanic, Latino students connect through Greek life


TOWSON, Md. — At Towson University, Latinx representation is a work in progress. But student leaders make sure there is pride in their culture.

That community comes in the form of Greek life.

“Greek life was not in my plans but this fraternity—their ideals and their goals—I felt like I already represented naturally, like, being chivalrous and just having a sense of community,” Juan Cortez, a Towson University senior said.

Cortez is a brother of Lamda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. 

Meanwhile, Sofia Velasquez is a sister of Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc., or SIA for short.

“I felt it was definitely something I wanted to be a part of,” Velasquez said. “So, since then, I think I’ve definitely grown professionally and personally.”

Cortez said he felt it was important to showcase his culture and be proud of it.

“I  think we all have a similar tie and connection [to] our people or our relatives that sacrifice so much,” he said.

It’s that sacrifice that has these Latinx student leaders taking advantage of the opportunity to educate themselves and their campus about their pride during Hispanic Heritage month.

Throughout the month, there are many campus and community events like Fiesta de Baltimore. Also, there are various hot-button issues affecting Hispanic people around the world.

“We’ve also had an event that has to do with U.S. Intervention in Latin America, so we’re very passionate about those types of issues,” Towson University senior Sofia Velasquez said. “We feel that they need to have that space to be addressed to the public—not to just educate the public but to educate ourselves as well.”