Pi Kappa Phi fraternity hosts haunted house for charity

Jacob Barker, Student Life Reporter | October 26, 2022

Pi Kappa Phi hosted its 6th annual haunted house to raise funds for Ability Experience

Iowa State students lined up for a haunted house located in a fraternity building Wednesday night.

The fraternity house Pi Kappa Phi transformed their living space into a haunted house as part of a fundraiser for Ability Experience. Ability Experience is a charity service that raises money for disabled individuals for special events, including a summer camp.

The fraternity opened its doors to the public for the haunted house from 7 p.m. to midnight.

“It’s like a tradition we’ve been doing for six years now,” Ryan Kelly, a junior studying agronomy, said. “It’s really good for all the brothers to come together and do something for others. We love doing it; it’s really fun.”

Kelly has been in charge of the haunted house since 2019. Though the fundraiser has been a successful tradition for several years, Kelly has faced many challenges while preparing the event each season. Some of these challenges include the COVID-19 pandemic and the fraternity’s shifting enrollment numbers.

“It was difficult getting everything set up during 2020, and it was difficult for us to do a lot [this year] since a lot of people left,” Kelly said. “So it was difficult to get everything started again.”

Aside from these daily turmoils, the event always has a steady showing each year with students commenting on the success of the house decorations, student actors and maze.

“Students love the way we decorate the inside of the house,” Kelly said. “We have a jail cell full of crazy clowns, a mad doctor and a maze. It’s our most popular feature because we have small jumpscares that get the students.”