Multicultural Greek Council displays unity, inclusivity at open house

Ceara Johnson February 14, 2023

SMU Omega Delta Phi president Miguel Arroyo poses with his fraternity's hand symbol in front of their booth at the Multicultural Greek Council Open House. Photo credit: Ceara Johnson

All four chapters of SMU’s Multicultural Greek Council showcased their overarching message of support and community for culturally diverse students while announcing the start of their spring recruitment process at their recent open house. Representatives from Kappa Delta Chi, Omega Delta Phi, Sigma Lambda Beta and Sigma Lambda Gamma educated potential new members in the audience on their organization’s history, practices, values and dedication to service.


Omega Delta Phi recently re-established its chapter at SMU last April and is excited to see new members in the upcoming recruitment process this spring. The SMU chapter of Omega Delta Phi often does collaborative social and philanthropic events with other local chapters at neighboring universities including UTD, UNT and UTA.

“We have national conferences where we partner with a bunch of different organizations and different schools,” Omega Delta Phi president Miguel Arroyo said. “It doesn’t matter what school you’re from, being part of Omega Delta Phi, you can go to any school and they’ll accept you with open arms.”