WKU Greek Life gift wrapping event

November 28, 2023 by Tucker Covey

BOWLING GREEN Ky. – Fraternities and sororities gathered inside Downing Student Union to wrap presents they bought for students at Parker Bennett Curry Elementary.

Each fraternity and sorority was assigned a student who they then went out and purchased what the child put on their list, the event is an easy way for the organizations to give back to their community says Associate Director of Student Activities Andrew Rash.

“This is a nice event because it’s something that brings all of our chapters together and brings our three councils together. We have the NPHC, IFC and Panhellenic councils. It brings all of us together. And it’s fun because it’s something where we’re doing something positive and meaningful for the community and for deserving kids. Parker Bennett Curry.” Rash said.

For the students it was a fun way to do something for people in the Bowling Green Community.