Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity takes a stance against gun violence in Jackson

By Christopher Fields Published: Jan. 13, 2024

Members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity chapter came together Saturday to talk about what can be done to curb gun violence here in the capital city.

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – Esteemed and notable representatives of the Jackson community were on hand Saturday at Mt. Helm Baptist Church.

Members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity say what happened to Jaylen Burns is something they never want to see happen to any other student or young person ever again. He was in the fraternity.

Burns was shot and killed on the campus of Jackson State University. Police have not yet resolved the case.

That’s why they are determined to reclaim their communities and secure a safer future for youth by finding ways to combat the root causes of gun violence.

“Constantly hearing about gun violence, hearing and singing it even through a secondary perspective, it affects all of us,” a member said.

All of them took question after question about youth gun violence and some recounted personal experiences.

“My husband was a victim of gun violence at Jackson State or while he was at Jackson State, rather,” a member said.

Jackson Police Chief Joseph Wade, the Hinds Youth Court Judge, mental health professionals, and others were on the panel speaking to the challenges and the needs that must be met to tackle crime here in the capital city.