Fraternity Battles Freezing Temperatures with Warmth and Service in Memphis

By: Olalekan Adigun Published: January 20, 2024

As the icy winds lash Memphis, Tennessee, the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity has emerged as a beacon of warmth and sustenance for those braving the brutal cold. Their efforts are concentrated at the Dave Wells Community Center on Chelsea Avenue and The Hospitality Hub in downtown Memphis, where they’ve been tirelessly preparing and serving hot soup to those seeking shelter.

Service Above Self

Brian Harris, a fraternity member, while ladling out soup, spoke about the significance of their initiative. He stressed the importance of ensuring everyone’s access to basic necessities, stating that the fraternity’s role extends beyond mere membership – it’s about serving the community. Their actions underline a commitment to the fraternity’s ethos of service, particularly during challenging times.

Capacity to Accommodate

The two warming centers combined can house over 300 individuals escaping the harsh weather. The Tennessee Department of Health has reported seven deaths in Shelby County due to the extreme cold, underlining the critical role of these warming centers. The fraternity’s commitment is driven by their desire to ensure safety, warmth, and comfort – elements Brian Harris refers to as ‘food for their soul.’

Community Efforts

The fraternity’s initiative is part of broader community efforts to support vulnerable individuals during this period of life-threatening cold. Notably, the Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church has also stepped up, providing dinner for the occupants of the warming centers. These collective actions highlight the local community’s readiness to rally together in the face of adversity, ensuring that no one has to battle the cold alone.