Alpha Beta Delta on finding unique ways to improve

JANUARY 19, 2024

The men of Chi Psi, Alpha Beta Delta at Lehigh University felt they could do better. Not only could they be more prepared for crisis and emergency situations, should any arise, but they could be better versions of themselves. Cameron Weibel, BΔ ’26, the Alpha’s #36, says that recent training the Alpha put together helped them achieve both goals.

“Our President, Ben Hoexter (’25), reached out to the school and to The Red Cross to get us certification in First Aid, CPR, Narcan, and excessive bleeding training at the Lodge,” says Weibel. “Now that we’ve done those things, we are all constantly thinking about it and know exactly what to do if a situation occurs.”

Weibel says the Alpha is trying to be more focused on risk management this semester and that he was happy to see the majority of members show up for the trainings. The day after, they also had a member of the Office of Health and Wellness at Lehigh come talk about men’s health with the Alpha.

“It was helpful that both of these trainings were also essentially team-building exercises for our Alpha,” he says. “We were all in a central place together and learning about some really important topics. Everyone was really tuned in to learning from presenters in both sessions.”

While it’s a good thing to learn how to perform CPR, administer Narcan, or curb excessive bleeding, Weibel also mentioned the awareness and confidence aspects of the training with The Red Cross.

“It feels like everyone is now 100 percent confident to jump in if they need to help in a crisis,” says Weibel. “You need a leader to step in and help when a group is watching someone in a difficult situation, and I think our guys can be that leader now.”