Senate gives funding to organizations, fraternities for conference trips

RAIEA SALERNO | News Reporter Jan 31, 2024

Five organizations appeared before Student Senate to ask for funding for school trips Jan. 30.


The other four groups, Tau Kappa Epsilon – Delta Nu Chapter, Phi Sigma Kappa – Epsilon Nu Chapter, Omega Psi Phi – Iota Theta Chapter and the Wildlife Club were accepted for funding.

Two representatives from Phi Sigma Kappa are hosting a trip for academy skills like risk management, suicide prevention and information regarding equity and inclusion. The trip would require $675 per person, and the organization is asking for $1,500. After the presentation, Freshman Class Representative Anna Tucker agreed with the trip and its premise.

“I think that this seems like a great opportunity for these two exact members to learn a lot of leadership skills,” Tucker said. “Everybody can really enhance all the learnings that they get from this.”

Tau Kappa Epsilon will be going to a Regional Leadership Conference held in Chicago. RLC is a weekend-long conference that engages the attendees in leadership and topics from recruitment to finances. It gives Tau Kappa Epsilon a chance to connect with other regional members of the fraternity. Tau Kappa Epsilon requested $1,500 for the trip, which it estimates will total around $3,284. So far, the group has raised around $2,100.

Omega Psi Phi hopes to recruit more members of their fraternity as they only have three members. The fraternity hopes to learn from its trip experience, give back to its community and learn more ways of improving campus life.