A new chapter is expanding Multicultural Greek life at Boise State

Daisy Bautista February 16, 2024

Boise State’s community has become more diverse throughout the last ten years. Despite this, the traditional Greek organizations at Boise State have not changed significantly to reflect this. 

Multicultural Greek Life was established at Boise State in 2015, and only four multicultural chapters are still standing. Three out of four of these multicultural chapters are sororities.

This year, there are plans of adding another multicultural fraternity by the end of February.

New fraternity, new spaces

Omega Delta Phi, also known as the Knights, are coming to Boise State this spring semester. The Knights were founded nationally in 1987. 

Sergio Orozco, admissions counselor and coordinator for multicultural recruitment at Boise State, was asked to help bring Omega Delta Phi to Boise State by the multicultural student body.

Orozco’s role at Boise State focuses on recruiting students from local schools here in the valley, territories in Eastern Oregon, as well as U.S. territories like Puerto Rico, Guam and the northern islands. His recruitment work focuses on initiatives that increase numbers for multicultural students. 

Alongside being a multicultural admission counselor, he is also an advisor for the Multicultural Greek Life Council. He has been influential in bringing this fraternity to Boise State. 

Orozco said this is a “full circle” moment for him. In his role of recruiting students from diverse backgrounds, he is also going back to his college roots, as Orozoco himself was once a brother in the Omega Delta Phi fraternity at University of Idaho.

“I think by creating a new fraternity, it creates a new space for students to find something that may work for them,” Orozco said. “One thing that I loved about my organization is the fact that our number one goal was to graduate. There was a really strong emphasis on individuality.”