Gaining a new family, joining sororities and fraternities


There is undeniable fear in the hearts of those entering a college campus for the first time.  Making friends and joining organizations can seem overwhelming, however, college is about making connections and growing as an individual and professional.   

There are plenty of memories and friendships to create in college. One of the best ways to make that kind of connection is by getting involved in Greek life on campus.

Fraternity and sorority memberships help young adults cultivate leadership skills, gain a better sense of social identity and participate in traditions that give back to the community while also being a part of a sisterhood or brotherhood.  


Members who have gotten out of their comfort zones to join the world of Greek life say they have created a bond that cannot be broken while also gaining a family away from home. UTEP student and vice president of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity, Hilario Carreon, shares how joining his fraternity gave him the blessing of a new family he can rely on.  

“It is a great way to meet new people and find a family that’s here for you. Being that I was a transfer student, it was a great opportunity to find people that I could just connect with,” Carreon said.  

The transition to college can seem lonely and intimidating and to incoming UTEP students joining a sorority or fraternity can help build those life long friendships that make the college experience memorable.