March 26, 2024 Tanner Croft

A photo during the Rent-a-TKE auction. Photo by Tanner Croft.

On March 24, the TKE fraternity hosted their annual auction to raise money for St. Jude. A message from their presentation says that “By participating in Rent-a-TKE, not only do you receive valuable services, but you also contribute directly to a meaningful cause, making a positive impact on the lives of children in need.”

This act of philanthropy allows you to gain access to estimable services while also providing care to children in need. However, this is not your normal auction. The TKE members are not selling rare arts or exotic animals, instead they are providing something much more beneficial to those who are willing to donate money for their cause. TKE members were offering unique services ranging from tutoring sessions to private flights over Anchorage at sunset. 

Among the services up for auction were hobby activities such as basketball, snowboarding, guitar or skateboarding lessons. Useful services like math, english and history tutoring, tech support, Uber rides, DoorDash, date baskets or even car detailing. There were also some unique services for sale like personalized laser engravings and the aforementioned private flight over Anchorage.