Greek chapters compete in “Greek Olympics”

Charlie Taylor, Staff Writer • April 30, 2024

Courtesy | Sonoma State FSL Phi Delta Theta and Alpha Xi Delta hold their trophies as they pose for a winners picture.

With spring time now fully here, it means that it’s once again time for the Greek Olympics.

The Greek Olympics is an event that happens this time every year where different chapters from all across Sonoma State get together to participate in a series of events against one another. In the past, the Greek Olympics has usually just contained the fraternities competing against one another, however this year in an effort to bring more inclusivity across all of Greek life here, the Greek Olympics now involves all of the sororities and fraternities competing and sharing time with one another. The event takes place over two days with 13 total chapters playing. The indoor sports involved were Basketball, Volleyball, Indoor Soccer, and Dodgeball, with the outdoor sports being Flag Football, Spikeball, 4×100 relay race and Tug of War.  

Chris Schaefer, the IFC president of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity had this to say about the games including all of the chapters this year, “So far the best memory I have from this event is seeing every Greek organization together. Very rarely do we all see everyone and this year we decided we wanted all of Greek Life to come together in unity and enjoy a little friendly competition with bragging rights as well.” This event encapsulates what many hope Greek life can be for them, which is a community where everyone can come together and bond and enjoy each other’s time that they spend together.

The Olympics format is done in a bracket style for each sport where each fraternity or sorority gets points for winning the bracket for an event and the fraternity and sorority with the most points at the end of the two days wins the Greek Olympics. After the two days came to an end, the chapters of Alpha Xi Delta sorority and the Phi Delta Theta fraternity came out victorious as the two winners of the olympics.