Each year, the chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho at the Colorado State University hosts Alpha Gamma Rhodeo, their annual spring philanthropy. Brothers promote the philanthropy, sell tickets, and invite fellow undergraduates, professors, and people of the community to stop by Alpha Gamma Rhodeo and help raise some money for Colorado AgrAbility. The Colorado AgrAbility Project promotes success in agriculture for people with disabilities or other physical challenges and their families.

“People always look forward to the event, but in years past we have struggled – barely clearing expenses and offering smaller donations around $200,” said Reece Melton, philanthropy chair for the Chapter. “This year was different.”

Twenty-three brothers make up the chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho. The group is small, but mighty. They worked together to plan their promotion, sales, and the day of their event. Brothers sold tickets for $5.00 in advance and $10.00 at the door. They created a promotional video which got a lot of engagement on social media and within the CSU community.

On April 25, attendees made their way to the chapter’s fraternity house on the CSU campus. Tickets included a BBQ meal prepared by the CSU meat lab, with four roaster hogs that were donated by the chapter alumni. The chapter Housemother, Rita Williams, also helped prepare food for the attendees.

A local country band, Lendon James and the Highway 34 band, performed live as students listened, two-stepped, and brothers got the chance to show off their dance moves. Attendees also enjoyed watching the mechanical bull competition, and were offered the chance to ride the bull for a $1.00 fee.

As the evening went on, the chapter started a live auction with various donated items that the undergraduate brothers had collected prior to the event. Brothers Cody Gabel and Wesley Woolery are certified auctioneers and ran the live auction, which kept the crowd engaged and the bids rising.

“It was a great event. Many told us this was the best philanthropy event they had ever been do.”

A great event with great results – the 2018 Alpha Gamma Rhodeo had over 250 attendees, and raised over $8,500 – far exceeding the chapter’s goals and expectations.

Robert Fetsch, a representative of AgrAbility, was able to attend Alpha Gamma Rhodeo.

“This is the most any organization has raised for AgrAbiligy at Colorado State in the last 20 years,” said Fetsch.

Alpha Gamma Rhodeo isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Melton mentioned the Chapter’s partnership with Sundance Steakhouse, who tabled at the 2018 event, and their ideas to team-up in the future.

“The owner of Sundance suggested the possibility of hosting at their rodeo grounds next spring,” said Melton, “This is a huge opportunity to grow the event and raise much more money for AgrAbility. I sincerely look forward to what this event can become.”