Cookout raises $14,000 for research foundation

Via Choroideremia Research Foundation

Congratulations to Auburn University’s Theta Chi Fraternity on their 5th annual CHM fundraiser! Fraternity members coordinated a “Cookout For Choroideremia” on September 25, 2019 that successfully raised over $14,000 for the CRF.

Freshman member Sam Looney was diagnosed with Choroideremia in 2006. Fundraising efforts began when his brother, Will Looney, helped plan the first fundraiser five years ago. Events coordinated in the last five years have also included silent auctions and “Dining in the Dark”. To date, Theta Chi has contributed over $40,000 for Choroideremia research.

Choroideremia (CHM) is a rare inherited form of blindness affecting approximately 1 in 50,000 people. Due to its x-linked inheritance pattern males are most severely affected with females usually experiencing much milder visual impairment. Symptoms begin in early childhood with night blindness and restriction of visual field being the earliest noticeable effects, eventually progressing to complete blindness. There are currently no approved treatments for choroideremia.

Thank you to Theta Chi and the Looney Family!