Kappa Alpha Psi blood drive in Gainesville

By Ruelle Fludd, WCJB

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – A team effort to tackle blood shortages in Gainesville led by members of Kappa Alpha Psi started on campus at the University of Florida on Wednesday.

“We had 77 appointments and now we’re up to 172 appointments,” said President of the Zeta Phi chapter, Wynton White.

One Blood brought their Big Red Bus to take blood donations as the members encouraged students to stop by. It’s a cause that means putting the community first to White.

“Students, we go out, we party, we go to class and then we go to sleep. But you know, the first responders whether it be EMTs, nurses, doctors. They’re up 24/7 trying to keep members of the community alive and so that’s why we’re very grateful for everybody who’s going to be coming out and donating blood but also our co-sponsors. And it is a very good feeling.”

The Norman Hall parking garage wasn’t the only on-campus location where people were encouraged to give blood. The group also set up a Big Red Bus at the Phillips Center and set up the drive for other UF locations and student housing complexes throughout the remainder of the week.

“Reminder! Sign up to give blood,” said UF student Reagan McGurk. She said she knows the need for blood donations is important and is happy her sorority, Tri-Delta feels the same.

“My sorority actually is doing a points thing so if you go give blood you get like five points in the sorority too,” added McGurk. “I know a bunch of my sisters have all signed up and will be here throughout the rest of the week giving blood. So like we’re all like texting each other like oh what time are you going?”

To schedule an appointment or find the date, time and location of the Big Red Bus, click here.