Greek community comes together to compete in Lip Sync

Emily Roberston l Features Staff l @longwoodrotunda | Nov 8, 2021

Photo courtesy of The Rotunda/Anthony Anderson

Eleven Greek organizations at Longwood University came together in the auditorium of Jarman Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 3, to compete in Lip Sync: The Movies That Made Us, an event sponsored by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL), which featured fraternities and sororities recreating iconic movie moments.

Lip Sync is an annual Greek tradition on campus in which sororities and fraternities can compete with one another by choreographing and lip syncing a routine and performing onstage. Individuals within the organizations contribute much time to rehearsing and preparing for the event. Preparation includes designing shirts, painting a banner, compiling music, and choreographing the dances. 

Greek organizations were thrilled to spend much of their time preparing for the event because of its theme. Emma Grace Mancini, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life membership development intern, spoke on why she chose this particular theme. “With this year’s theme, I wanted something that I know and that will stay in my heart.” Her love for movies influenced the theme of this year’s Lip Sync competition.

“We spent a couple of hours a day for two weeks preparing for this event,” explained Makayla Lewis, the Greek Sync/Lip Sync chair for Sigma Sigma Sigma. “A lot went into it between making shirts, practicing, and making props.” 

Although hours of preparation went into competing in the event, some members of the Greek community spoke on what it was like to be able to spend quality time with their brothers or sisters in the time of a pandemic. “It’s a big deal,” explained Jonathan Peachey, a brother of Phi Mu Delta, “We’re just getting back to normal and being able to go back to the traditions FSL and Greek life has had in the past.”

Mancini then went on to say that members of sororities and fraternities have felt a disconnect between their organizations and others on campus due to COVID-19. “The Greek community that exists now is a lot different than the Greek community I came into just because we are so disconnected,” said Mancini. “This is the first time we’ve had a Lip Sync since the fall of 2019.” 

Mancini said that she was overjoyed to organize an event that involved so much of the Greek community on campus, and she brought that energy to the stage on Wednesday night. With anticipation in the air from the audience, Phi Mu Delta opened the event with their performance of Shrek

Other organizations showcased routines from films and film series spanning six decades, including: Pitch PerfectHannah MontanaForrest GumpCamp RockMamma MiaCheetah GirlsAnnieGreaseThe Greatest Showman, and Step Up

After 11 great performances, the judges departed to deliberate the first, second, and third place winners before returning to the auditorium. For their Pitch Perfect performance, Alpha Gamma Delta sorority received third place. Sigma Kappa sorority was awarded second place for their performance from Grease. Finally, Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity was awarded first place for their Greatest Showman performance, which they felt illustrated the inclusivity of their organization. By and large, the crowd and performers alike were ecstatic to congratulate the Greek organizations who competed in the event, and enthusiasm filled the air well after the competition ended.

As first place winners, the members of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity will perform at the halftime show for Greek Game Night on Jan. 19, 2022, at 7 p.m. in the gymnasium of Willett Hall. To learn more about fraternity and sorority life on campus, follow Longwood FSL @longwood_fsl on Instagram and Twitter, and like the office’s Facebook page at Longwood University Fraternity and Sorority Life.